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Xenon MRI Platform

Polarean’s research equipment includes the HPX Hyperpolarizer, HPX Measurement Station, HPX Gas Manifold, Chest Coil, and Dose Delivery Bags.


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HPX Hyperpolarizer

The HPX Hyperpolarizer provides a routine supply of high-purity, hyperpolarized xenon gas for MRI for research. The hyperpolarizer is typically installed near the MRI/NMR suite and processes a custom mixture of unpolarized xenon, nitrogen, and helium, into a dose of pure hyperpolarized xenon that is available for MRI. There is no chemical change associated with hyperpolarization–only nuclear spin alignment and cryogenic extraction of pure xenon. The hyperpolarized xenon is then thawed and dispensed into a dose delivery bag. Once dispensed into an appropriate container, and maintained within a modest holding magnetic field, the polarization relaxes with a T1 of 1 to 2 hours.

T1 = longitudinal relaxation time.

HPX Measurement Station

The HPX Measurement Station provides a calibrated measurement of the polarization of hyperpolarized gas for research. The station includes a Helmholtz pair with power supply, a Q-switched tuned NMR circuit with a precision layer wound 300-turn NMR coil, and a computer equipped with a National Instruments DAQ card for data acquisition, analysis, and storage. No additional equipment is required. A factory calibration to thermally polarized water is standard, with subsequent field calibrations provided by the Polarean technical support team. Polarization analysis software enables individual polarization measurements as well as automatically measuring polarization over time to accurately measure polarization decay rates.

Xenon Xe 129 Gas Blend

Hyperpolarized xenon is produced by the HPX Hyperpolarizer from the gas blend of helium (89%), nitrogen(10%), and isotopically enriched xenon (1% total; > 80% isotopic purity xenon) for research. At least one Xenon Xe 129 Gas Blend cylinder is required for the proper operation of the HPX Hyperpolarization System.

HPX Gas Manifold

The HPX Gas Manifold is a gas pressure regulation and purification system for research that allows xenon blend cylinders, one ultra-high-purity nitrogen cylinder, and one industrial nitrogen cylinder to be connected to the HPX Hyperpolarizer.

Dose Delivery Bags

The Dose Delivery Bags are for individual use only with the HPX Hyperpolarization System for research. The bag connects to the HPX Hyperpolarizer and stores the xenon gas mixture until it is ready to be inhaled by the patient. The bag has a clamp to hold the gas inside and a mouthpiece for the patient to inhale the gas.

Chest Coil

Designed specifically for Xenon MRI scanning.

See How Xenon MRI Works

Watch how hyperpolarized xenon-129 gas is inhaled through a single 10-to-15-second breath-hold and distributed to image the smallest airways.