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Add Xenon Capability to Your Helium Polarizer

The 2770 129Xe hyperpolarization cartridge provides a path to convert an existing 9600 3He polarizer into a 9800 129Xe polarizer. The 2770 129Xe cartridge simply replaces the 3He cartridge in the polarizer, enabling it to generate a routine supply of high-purity, hyperpolarized 129Xe for gas phase magnetic resonance studies.

The 129Xe cartridge contains all the functionality needed to process mixtures of unpolarized 129Xe, N2, and 4He, into one or more doses of pure hyperpolarized 129Xe. It uses the same laser, optics and control electronics on the 9600 polarizer. As with hyperpolarization of 3He, there is no chemical change associated with hyperpolarization—only nuclear spin alignment and cryogenic extraction of pure xenon. Hyperpolarized 129Xe is then thawed and dispensed into an appropriate container and used for imaging. Alternatively the gas can be maintained within a modest holding magnetic field where polarization decays with a relaxation time, T1, of 1-2 hr.