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Study confirms longer-term lung damage after COVID-19


No special training or qualifications are necessary to operate Polarean Imaging plc. gas polarizers in conjunction with an MRI scanner to perform pulmonary imaging or other research activities. With each new Polarean Imaging plc. instrument, all users receive extensive conceptual and hands-on training to operate the polarizers and to perform general maintenance procedures.

The following set of presentations review the concepts and operating procedures. Advanced material is also provided for basic science researchers and other users who may want more information about the operating principles of xenon hyperpolarization physics and instruments, and those who are interested in optimizing or customizing their system performance for specific project needs and beyond the standard operating routine.

Polarean Imaging plc.'s support team is always available to provide you with additional training – over the web or hands-on – to make sure you get the most out of your gas polarizer equipment and maintain high productivity in your research program.

Hyperpolarized Gas - Basic Principles

9800 Xenon Polarizer - General Operation Training

9800 Xenon Polarizer - Advanced Training