Polarean Imaging plc.’s technology is for research use only Important News
Complete Response Letter received from FDA


A pioneer in hyperpolarized gas technology, Polarean Imaging plc. is opening new avenues for functional and physiological imaging.

The principle behind Polarean Imaging plc.’s technology is simple. The Polarean polarizertransforms select inert gases, 3He and 129Xe, into a hyperpolarized state using circularly polarized laser light. This process leaves the gases chemically unchanged, while their nuclei are magnetically aligned. The hyperpolarized gas is inhaled by a patient and compared to air that is typically within the lung, the hyperpolarized noble gas will enhance an MRI signal by a factor of 100,000, making lung structure and regional ventilation exquisitely visible in an MRI scan. Hyperpolarized Gas MRI enables the study of pulmonary function and structure in ways that are not possible with other research modalities.

With this powerful information about lung structure and function, researchers are using Polarean Imaging plc.’s technology to gain new insights into a number of pulmonary diseases and to evaluate new therapeutic agents and procedures to treat those diseases. With more than 500 published journal articles, hyperpolarized gas MRI is a scientifically accepted research methodology in the study of Cystic Fibrosis, COPD, Asthma, Interstitial Lung Disease, and the therapies for addressing these diseases.

Though the technology is not yet approved by regulatory authorities for routine clinical use, it is recognized as a powerful clinical research tool to shed new light on lung function.