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Repairs and Spare Parts

Polarean Imaging plc. maintains a full inventory of gas polarizer and measurement station parts for rapid delivery to our customers in case of a system component failure. Below is a brief summary of key system components which may require replacement as part of regular system maintenance, if a failure occurs or just to maintain top performance and measurement accuracy. Please contact Polarean Imaging plc. to find out about the availability and lead time of all the other parts and components not listed on this page, as well as diagnosis and repair services specific to your situation and your system configuration.

2938 Spin Transfer Standard

The Polarean Imaging plc. Spin Transfer Standard (STS) is a patented technology that enables rapid, and precise re-calibration of Polarean 2881 polarization measurement stations at the customer site. The STS is designed to simulate a dose of 3He or 129Xe exhibiting a well defined, and permanent polarization level. The device is placed on the polarization measurement station and triggered as if it were a sample of hyperpolarized gas. When an acquisition pulse is initiated, the device provides a free-induction decay signal that can be used to verify or adjust to the measurement station calibration factors for both 3He and 129Xe modes.

Each STS device is calibrated at the Polarean Imaging plc. facility on a regular basis on a reference system that is fully traceable to a precision, thermally polarized 1H2O standard. By transferring this calibration to the STS, it allows measurement stations at any location to be recalibrated by shipping this device to customer sites. This avoids a field service trip or shipping the actual measurement station to Polarean Imaging plc. for calibration.

2938 Spin Transfer Standard

2560 Helium Cell

Standard helium optical pumping cell compatible with Polarean 9600 3He Hyperpolarizer.

2045 Xenon Cold Finger

Standard xenon cryogenic trap compatible with Polarean 9800 129Xe Hyperpolarizer.

2032 Xenon Cell

Standard xenon optical pumping cell compatible with Polarean 9800 129Xe Hyperpolarizer.

3759 Xenon Cell – Mark II

Enhanced xenon optical pumping cell compatible with Polarean 9800 129Xe Hyperpolarizer. Compared to the standard xenon cell (model 2032) the Mark II is equipped with a larger rubidium pre-saturation bulb for extended life, higher rubidium pre-saturation efficiency, 20% larger optical pumping body for extended rubidium exposure, and reinforced mechanical structure for improved robustness and easier and safer installation. The Mark II xenon cell provides a higher polarization output compared to the standard model under similar operating conditions (actual enhancement factor varies by xenon flow rate and collected volume).

2922 Polarimetry NMR Coil

Standard NMR pickup coil compatible with Polarean Imaging plc. polarizers and the 2881 measurement station.