Polarean Imaging plc.’s technology is for research use only Important News
Phase III Clinical Trial Press Release

Products and Services

Polarean Imaging plc is opening new research avenues for functional and physiological imaging with its hyperpolarized gas products and services.

Initially developed by GE Healthcare to standard requirements for medical devices and high-end lab equipment, Polarean Imaging plc has exclusively obtained all intellectual property rights to manufacture, sell and service hyperpolarizers and ancillary equipment for biomedical imaging research. Polarean Imaging plc polarizers are fully documented, built to exact specifications and adhere to UL & IEC 61010 standards governing laboratory equipment and international safety requirements.

Our products are currently in use at research institutions worldwide and the Polarean Imaging plc support team is highly experienced in all aspects of installation, training and maintenance. We are also ready to assist with documentation required for proper adherence to regulatory standards.