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Polarean 2881 Polarization Measurement Station

The 2881 Polarization Measurement System provides a calibrated measurement of the polarization of hyperpolarized gas. The system includes a Helmholtz pair with power supply, a Q-switched tuned NMR circuit with a precision layer wound 300-turn NMR coil, and a computer equipped with a National Instruments DAQ card for data acquisition, analysis, and storage. No additional equipment is required. A factory calibration to thermally polarized water is standard, with subsequent field calibrations available upon request. Polarization analysis software enables individual polarization measurements as well as automatically measuring polarization over time to accurately measure polarization decay rates.

System Overview and Specifications

The 2881 Polarization measurement system can be operated on site by personnel who have undergone appropriate training. This system can be used to perform calibrated 3He polarization measurements, calibrated 129Xe polarization measurements, automated polarization decay measurements as well as automatic data file saving and retrieval. The nominal specifications* of the 2881 Polarization Measurement Station is as follows:

3He Polarization Repeatability (1%<P<100%) ±1% rel.
129Xe Polarization Repeatability (3%<P<100%) ±2% rel.
3He Polarization Accuracy (1%<P<100%) ±3% rel.
129Xe Polarization Accuracy (3%<P<100%) 0.1%
3He minimum detection (SNR=1 at 1 bar) 1%
Field magnitude 0-30G

* Specifications provided assuming gas at standard pressure in Polarean Imaging plc. gas sample bag and using default pulse parameter sets.