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Study confirms longer-term lung damage after COVID-19

Educational Videos

Watch what researchers are saying about Hyperpolarized Gas MRI and how they are using this technology to learn more about lung structure and function

World first in asthma research

LONDON, ON (Apr. 27, 2007) -- Robarts researchers have commenced a unique clinical study to investigate exercise-induced asthma. Using hyper-polarized gas and a clinical-grade magnetic resonance (MR) imaging scanner, they will capture images of patients lungs during an induced asthma response over a series of visits.

COPD Research at Robarts

An update on COPD research at Robarts Research Institute.

MRI of Hyperpolarized Media - Ronald Walsworth

Harvard Lecturer Ronald Walsworth on net magnetization, nonradioactive isotopes of noble gases, and naturally occurring free radicals

Medical imaging - lecture by Fergus Gleeson

Lecture about medical imaging by Fergus Gleeson. The lecture covers the history of imaging, staging cancer, HIFU, chest imaging and a summary.

Hyperpolarized-gas MRI of the lung -- Can research potential translate to clinical application?

Presented by John Mugler III at SPIE Medical Imaging 2012

Dr Peter Wothers - Using Xenon to Image Living Lungs

Presented by Dr Peter Wothers, the Sheffield University MRI Unit at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital

Western researchers find that a new COPD therapy device makes breathing easier

A new device designed to help people suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other mucus producing lung diseases developed by Trudell Medical International has been clinically tested by researchers at Western University and results show it improves breathlessness and the ability to move mucus, as well as betters a patient's quality of life.