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Polarean 9600 3He Hyperpolarizer

The 9600 3He hyperpolarizer provides a routine supply of high-purity, hyperpolar-ized 3He for gas phase magnetic resonance studies. The polarizer is typically installed near the MRI/NMR suite and processes a custom mixture of unpolarized 3He and N2, into one or more doses of pure hyperpolarized 3He that is available for magnetic resonance studies. There is no chemical change associated with hyperpolarization only nuclear spin alignment. The hyperpolarized 3He is then thawed and dispensed into a con-tainer or bag. Once dispensed into an appropriate container, and maintained within a modest holding magnetic field, the polarization relaxes with a T1 of 1-2 hr

System Overview and Specifications

The 9600 Helium Hyperpolarization sys-tem can be operated on site by person-nel who have undergone appropriate training. Polarization levels range from 25-55% depending on the processing speed and optical cell quality. A typical 3He volume of 1-liter can be polarized in 4-12 hrs. The system operates as a Class I laser, and thus requires no laser protective eyewear during normal opera-tion.


The 9600 Helium Hyperpolarization system is designed for research use. If the system is used to produce hyperpolarized 3He for human inhalation, all applicable institutional and federal approvals must be obtained.