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Latest News - Polarean Releases its Next Generation Xenon Polarizer at Quadrupled Performance

Durham, NC - August 13, 2015 - Polarean, Inc., a pioneer in hyperpolarized gas technology, announced today that it has developed and made available new technology to vastly enhance xenon polarization levels and production rates. Polarean's new 9820 xenon hyperpolarizer is equipped with a 200W laser and is capable of producing 35–45% xenon polarization (measured after freeze-thaw) at typical flow rates of 1–3 L/h on a regular basis. This new generation polarizer has the same footprint as the legacy 9800 model and features a larger magnetic field and dual-temperature controlled oven to accommodate significantly larger optical cells. The 9820 polarizer comes with various upgraded electronic controls to improve the already excellent reliability and stability of the Polarean platform, and enhanced operator ergonomics while retaining its modular design for easy and cost-effective maintenance and future upgrades. The first 9820 system was delivered in early August 2015 and is available for purchase immediately. learn more about it

Meet Polarean at the ISMRM Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Singapore this May

Polarean will be exhibiting at the ISMRM 24th Annual Meeting and Exhibition in Singapore, May 7 - 13, 2016.

Please visit us at booth # 613 to learn more about Polarean’s latest technical advances in Hyperpolarized Gas MRI technology, including increased xenon hyper polarization levels and faster throughput, with an option to upgrade your current Polarean polarizers. We look forward to meeting you in Singapore.

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